Why is a cooldown so important after working out?

This is probably what I get asked more frequently after a workout, our clients always leave with a smile on their face, after their cooldown they look relaxed,accomplished and happy. They always let us know how unique and how awesome our cooldowns are and feel.  You see, relaxing our muscles after a workout is as important as the workout itself and I will tell you why.


Cooling Down will allow the body to gradually transition from an exertional state to a resting or near-resting state, cooling down is very important after strength training ,cardio,etc. Just because you finished your workout doesn’t mean your workout is over, in fact, what you do after your workout is as important. After your workout your muscles are tired and begin breaking down ,the immediate time after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair, strength  building and overall recovery.


I get approached after class by our clients (especially new Transformers 🙂 to tell me how incredibly refreshing and amazing their cooldown/ stretching  felt! they emphasize in the “uniqueness” of our cooldown here at TFX. This is such an important part of a workout, and it is often forgotten. Here at  TFX  we try to cover everything from strength training to cardio to  flexibility to stretching in every session, oh yeah and we foam roll too! 😉


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Foam Rolling

Think of it as a deep tissue massage! it is so good for your muscles, after a workout it’s what YOU need. So what does it actually do? Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue, it also helps your muscle relax by activating the sensory receptors connecting your muscle fibers to your tendons. The net effect is better blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance, leaving you ready for your next TFX session!



How to use the Foam  Roller properly

When you hit a sore spot, hold it there for 15-30 seconds,you found a tight area that needs special attention? focus on that spot until you will start to feel it’s loosened up then you move to a different spot. Yes, foam rolling can be painful, especially if it’s one of your first times doing it, but after a while you and your muscles will learn to LOVE the foam roller, I promise! 🙂 You only need 5-10 minutes to reap the benefit. Just as important as how you roll is when you roll, after a workout is best this helps your muscles return to the proper length and recover even faster because it can prevent the buildup of scar tissue.

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So the next time you are thinking of skipping your cooldown/stretching think again! Happy rolling Transformers!

Ale Adaui

TFX Coach




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