The Scale Lies – Guest Blog Post by Marissa Herring

This week I want to share a great blog post about why we shouldn’t be too concerned with the numbers on the scale. I think you will really enjoy this one and would love to hear your feedback!


I weighed myself today and I was overweight. Now many of you know me personally, and some of you follow me, so you know that this is a horrible statement to come out of my mouth. You see, we have been programmed to always look at the scale for results, I am guilty of that as well. I’m not sure why we continue to beat ourselves over the head and stand on a scale first thing in the morning…do we enjoy mentally torturing ourselves to start our day? Apparently so, it seems to be a growing trend amongst women and young girls. The dreaded LBS (pounds) acronym is everywhere, on every magazine. It’s an obsession that needs to stop because we are transferring these behaviors to our younger generations. Our daughters are watching us and so are their friends. We talk about it over the cell phone with our girlfriend, over our meals and even at sporting events. The little ears that are around us are listening and forming these misconceptions about their bodies. I can’t tell you how many times I sit at a table at a restaurant and I overhear (you know they’re loud) women immediately talk about going to the gym again, or starting some crazy diet. I find it amusing, because the latina in me wants to jump into their conversation and “school” them, but I breath and go about my day.

My purpose is to make sure we understand that this “obsession” with the scale needs to STOP. Here’s my personal story. I weigh 126-124lbs at 40 years old and I’m 5’01″ ( I swear I’m 5’03″ If you enter these metrics into some body weight /height calculator, I’m considered a bit heavier for my small frame. (I gasp) I believe I should be 109-112…lolololol (not this foodie)


traininghanging pike marissa

This is what I look like at that “overweight” number.


Now here comes the fun stuff. Body fat is 13% , which is considered LEAN for women. Hence, my point…..THE SCALE LIES. By the way, for my calorie counters I eat 2000-2800 during my training season, and I shrink some more…LOVE eating. I do not count calories anymore, I go off my tummy rumbling and fueling my workouts with balanced meals and taking my vitamins and supplements, which we all need.


Many of the women who come to me weigh themselves constantly. I tell them, not to do so until we finish a complete program. Weighing yourself everyday causes negative feelings and you will restrict your food intake  to 1 meal and a Starbucks. You swear you can survive on 500-700 calories like some ridiculous programs put you on. Sure, you might drop for a while, but you feel like crap and your cranky. The minute you decide to eat because you’re starving, you binge and feel like crap again. Then when you eat like a normal human should,  you gain double the weight. Vicious cycle!


Why don’t we start our day planning out our meals (like we do for our kids), take some mommy or “me” time and get a great work out in? Why is it so hard to be positive about being a women and strutting around the earth like God wanted us to be?  The amazing creatures that we are. Get your good “Mojo” flowing, so you can function and feel balanced. You will start making better decisions and it will reflect in your body. But, the scale must be thrown out in the trash in order for that to happen.


Work with what you got! Curvaceous curves? Appreciate your curves and accent them with some lean muscle, eat smaller meals throughout the day and train smarter. Skinny fat? Pick up some weights eat appropriately and watch those sexy muscles “pop”. Get some great guidance, stop guessing and you will see changes.


Your mind affects the way your body is going to respond, so get off the DAMN scale. Those numbers do not have to move if you are feeling stronger &  healthier. The consequences of making better choices will be that your clothes will start fitting you a  bit looser, your body fat % will drop and you will begin to gain some lean muscle. YES, muscle does weigh more than fat…so I choose muscle over fat. Building the muscle is a process and it does not come over night. You need to learn what will work for your body and be patient, because when it clicks its magical.


As a trainer, I love having challenges because it is a quick fix and you can get some great results in a little bit of time. However, please be aware you can not change your habits in 1 challenge. You still need a long-term plans to learn it, breathe it and live it.


I hate weighing my clients, but its part of my job. They get upset when the numbers don’t move to their satisfaction, but when I show them inches they’ve  lost and body fat % that has dropped, they are in shock. I have to ask them, “don’t you notice your clothes are loose”?  They respond, “yes”. They continue to tell me the compliments they have received from other loved ones or friends. Well, that’s my point…THE SCALE LIES. You are feeling fabulous, you have more energy than ever, you need some new clothes…but you care about some digits a machine spits out? Exactly, it’s ridiculous!


Ladies, be mindful that we have daughters that watch us and hear us talk about food and weight. Just make sure you always stress how beautiful they are and how you have made the choice to live a healthier life style. Not to lose weight, but to live healthier. The consequences of using those positive words will make a difference regarding her self-esteem.


I choose to teach my girls about making better food choices, so that they have more energy, so that their brains can work better and so that they can perform at their best. Not so that they don’t get fat. The “F” word is not used in my gym or in my home. I teach teenage girls that they are still growing into their bodies, that they can make simple changes and choices to feel better. We all grow into our looks….see yours truly below.


young days          Prego  Ball pic


Honestly, my quirky tween years need to be erased. All my pregnancies gained me 42, 52 and 60lbs, and I did not go home looking like Heidi Klum. I wore my faja (girddle) religiously. I worked it off the good old fashion way. Fueling up with great food, sweating it off at the gym with my kick ass trainer or the garage with my G-mama’s, and surrounding myself with supportive family and friends. It really was that simple and it took time. It was soooo worth it.

Enjoy your journey and embrace it, it will be the only way to finally make a change and get off THE SCALE THAT LIES TO YOU!

Source:  Marissa Herring -G-Mama Fitness Blog

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