Results Are Created in the Kitchen

Today’s post is from Jessica Fain, one of our 6-Week Transformation clients. We asked her to write a blog post about her meal preparation because she is a PRO at it and we thought our Transformers can benefit from her insights. Enjoy!

Here is what Jessica wrote for you:

Starting a journey to health and fitness can seem daunting, especially if your weight loss goals are over 20 pounds. I found myself with 30 pounds to loose and at my daughters 1st birthday, I was sad at who I saw in pictures of me. I was ready for a change and decided to do something about it. After eating healthy I lost 15 pounds in over a month.

Excited and feeling motivated I contacted Anna at Transform Fx. I was introduced to her team and instantly knew I had come to the right place. The support they offered was just what I needed to stay on track. I had lots of questions and they were there to answer. They gave me an accountability to my health. I found strength, through them, to not falter from my plan. A plan that they laid out for me.

The food guidelines were simple and, with some creativity, I found the food was really satisfying. With frequent meals, I never felt hungry. I would pre-cook 3 days of meals and have them ready to grab for work or In between caring for my 4 kids (which is a workout in itself!)

They taught me that preparation is key to success! During the [frequent] moments when I have just enough time between carpools to run inside and grab a quick bite, I now have a selection of grab and go healthy meals. I also spend a lot of time commuting. I never leave home without a few goodies in my arsenal of a lunch bag.

Jessica’s Tips on Meal Planning

I can’t stress enough how important it is to set yourself up for success through meal planning. I would cook my protein (meats and fish) then wash and cut all my veggies. I then divide them into servings and put in ziploc bags. This works great on a few levels. You don’t have a pile of Tupperware in your fridge (or your sink or the backseat of your car!) you can fit several meals in a relatively small bag and, without shame, you can eat anywhere. Yes, I’ve eaten chicken and cucumbers in Costco’s parking lot (I give myself no excuse to not stay on track) I even have pouches of tuna and a fork in the center console of my car in case I find myself caught unprepared. Remember: No Excuses!

In less then 3 weeks of working with Anna’s team and following their directions, I lost another 9.5 pounds but the even more exciting part is I dropped 4 sizes in that time! Their boot camps are transforming my body and getting me in the best shape of my adult life. Being a 35 year old mother of 4, I didn’t think this was possible. They gladly proved me wrong. All I can say is thank you Transform FX. It feels so good to feel so good!

Thank you Anna and the whole Transform FX Team!

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