Immediate Results at TFX Bootcamp

The following is our most recent success story!    We were so excited to receive this picture from Katie that We Wanted to share it with Everyone!
This only shows  that if you follow our program, YOU too! can achieve great and fast results!



Katie was so excited with her results (and so were we!)  that she wanted to share this with everybody to show you that if you follow our program, push yourself to finish that last rep, increase the weight of your dumbells, kettlebells week after week you will not only lose weight, but LOOK AMAZING and feel awesome too! Katie lost a total of 16 inches!!!!!  along with NEVER missing a workout, Katie made some changes to her nutrition by eating less refined carbs and adding more protein to her diet, that, mix with the willing to workout harder and harder at each of her TFX Sessions led Katie to where she is today, she feels amazing! LOOKS INCREDIBLE! and her new found determination is very CONTAGIOUS!

Our only wish as TFX Coaches is to see more and more of this TFX Success stories, we thrive from stories like Katie’s, it makes us love what we do even MORE!  that is why we hope that by sharing Katie’s story you will feel inspire and push harder this week, and the next and the next…We are so proud of Katie and we are looking forward to more Transformations!  you never know….YOU could be the next success story! what are you waiting for?   JOIN THE TRANSFORMERS REVOLUTION!


Go Katie! YOU ROCK!

TFX Coach

Ale Adaui



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