I Took Charge of My Life

Today, we are featuring one of our many success stories by Jill Hardin. Her story is powerful and we hope you get inspired by it today!

“I moved to Baton Rouge at the end of May 2017. I had just received my Masters degree, and I was just ready for something new-my boyfriend was also living here so that was a plus. I have always been active in sports and in working out, so the first thing I looked for was a church and a gym. I could never find anything that really stood out to me- being that I enjoyed group fitness and high intensity workouts which I have always loved; and have even taught group fitness classes in Lake Charles. Until two summers ago, where I had an injury on my achilles. With that, I have been unable to workout for almost a year and a half- which resulted in a stagnant state for my body and eventually gaining weight. Within those two years I went from about 140 to 179. Also, in those two years I’ve tried Advocare-twice, Shakeology, Beachbody,  and too many pinterest hacks for losing weight…but I couldn’t stick with anything. Not to mention I was in and still am, in an amazing relationship and work was going great- so I was basically staying fat and happy. Fast forward to the past few months, my boyfriend has been bringing up the topic of marriage/kids. The thought of getting married, and possibly having kids within the next few years at the weight that I was at completely stressed me out. Not that I was extremely overweight, but i was not comfortable with how I looked which resulted in a complete change in my overall attitude and confidence. This had me prepared for a change, for my future family and for my present confidence.

 My sister lived in BR for years, and I saw that she liked the post about losing weight for free in 6 weeks. I looked at the site, and saw that there was an orientation that night- so maybe it’s meant to be but sounds completely fake. I went to the orientation, expecting to get sucked into some type of weight loss program with pills and diet. After hearing Felecia’s story and seeing her transformation- that was what I wanted to find something that worked, and stick to it.
I love a challenge, and Im very competitive, so completing the 6 week challenge wasn’t too difficult for me. The eating healthy wasn’t going to be a problem for me- because i loved the foods that were included in the instructions- the only problem was eating 5 times a day, because 3/5 of those meals would be in front of 30 fourth graders. Needless to say, they helped me through it-reminding me to eat or drink more water!The workouts made me feel like the “old me”. I would have a flair up on my achilles every once in a while from the jumping lunges, but DJ and Jordan were so good in showing me stretches or modifications.  Weeks 1-5 were a piece of cake and I truly felt more energized and so good about my results that I saw every day. But, that final week was so very difficult. Throughout the challenge, I maintained positivity and knew that I would lose the 20, but that last week began to bring me down. I had 6 lbs to lose and the thought of how I haven’t been less that 160 in years began to go through my mind. Each day I would look at the scale only to see .5 lbs down when I had 6 lbs to lose in 6 days. The encouragement really started to reach through to me, as I talked to other members. They would tell me that I can do it- I WILL lose it. After the smooth move pains, and never eating so much fish in my life- that final weigh in came…and I lost 20.4 pounds. I was a little disappointed to see that I only lost less than 2 inches- but the way that I feel outweighs any numbers. Even a week after the challenge, I am steadily losing pounds. I have gained a lifestyle change, that I will be able to bring into my family as well as healthy changes for my boyfriend/future husband. Now, whenever the day comes I can walk down the aisle with confidence- and walk into my new future as a happier and healthier me.”
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