Healthy Living is a Personal Choice

Every day we each face a variety of decisions that have the potential to affect our health. Do we stay up late to watch one more sitcom or go to bed on time and get a full nights sleep? Do we participate in risky behavior like speeding or texting and driving? What do we eat and how much do we exercise? Each one of these questions presents a choice we each have to live healthier. The good news is we all have the ability to make better choices and once we realize we design our own lifestyle then our excuses become invalid.

When it comes to healthy eating and exercise, the excuses are abundant. But the truth of the matter is we choose our behavior. Even when we know better, sometimes making the better choice can be challenging, so below you will find six tips to help you avoid excuses and make healthier choices.

  • 1) Be Prepared

    When trying to make healthy food choices it is always better to plan ahead. Set time aside to plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list of only the items you need. If you are tired of the same menu or need inspiration the internet has literally thousands of free healthy recipes that can help you plan your meals.

    When you shop, stick to the list. It’s easier to avoid unhealthy food if you don’t have the option once you’ve left the store. Prepare as many meals as you can ahead of time so when life gets hectic you don’t risk sabotaging your well-designed plan with a trip to the nearest fast food restaurant.

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  • 2) Eat with a Purpose (Avoid Emotional Eating)

    Remember eating is necessary to fuel your body and should not be used to alleviate stress or stave off boredom. Choosing foods with a high nutritional value and maintaining a balanced diet will not only help you perform better mentally and physically, but keep you satisfied so you are less likely to abuse food.

  • 3) Portion Control

    Eating five small meals a day will help stimulate your metabolism, which could help you lose weight. However, the key to eating more frequently is portion control. One way to help maintain the proper portions is to use a kitchen scale to measure such items as meats or pastas. Another trick is purchase smaller plates, bowls and cups, because we tend to serve ourselves 20-40% larger portions on large dishes.

  • 4)Exercise with a Partner

    Daily exercise is paramount to our overall health and well-being, but finding motivation can be challenging, especially if you are someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy exercise. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to find a partner that will hold you accountable.

    The right exercise partner is going to be someone who helps keep you on track with your fitness regimen and goals and won’t allow your excuses to prevent you from obtaining them. Your spouse or best friend may not be the right exercise partner if they allow you to use your excuses and can’t hold you accountable.

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  • 5) Change is Good

    Varied exercise programs will not only keep you interested and motivated, but will result in better overall fitness. Doing the same routine over and over will allow your body to adapt and become very efficient when exercising. Eventually, this efficiency will lead to burning fewer calories even when doing the same amount of exercise.

    Changing your routine will challenge your body and have to burn more calories. You can also avoid overuse or repetitive strain injuries of the muscles joints and ligaments by varying your routine.

  • 6) Persistence (Allow Yourself Missteps)

    One of the biggest mistakes we make is giving up on healthy choices altogether once we’ve made one or two bad decisions. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey made up of hundreds of decisions daily, so if you made the wrong one this time, there will soon be another opportunity to make the right choice.

If you have questions about how to make lasting changes to your lifestyle and transform your body for life, don’t hesitate to call us at 925.289.8042 or request a fitness consultation by clicking on this link. Lastly, please feel free to share your thoughts and/or comments below.

Tawnya Caldwell
TFX Coach

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