Fitness Doesn’t Come in a Bottle

Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.” ~ Cher

If fitness came in a bottle, we would have found that magic elixir by now.  As you can see from the “then and now” advertisements below, Americans have been buying quick fix weight loss promises for decades.  Today we spend over $33 billion – with a ‘B’ – dollars on weight loss products, most, like those below, promising maximum results with minimum effort.  While some of those products may deliver results in the short-term, the only way to achieve long-term results and a healthy lifestyle are through a commitment to good nutrition and consistent exercise.

So why does Transform FX Fitness offer the 10/10 Challenge, Operation Black Dress and 24 Day Challenge?  While these programs offer the potential for weight loss they are primarily designed to help clients create the habit of healthy eating and exercise and act as a catalyst for long-term changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Our challenges include nutrition coaching,  healthy meal plans, nutritional supplements and recommended exercise plans, all designed to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals.  They are not designed to be miracle, quick-fix weight loss programs.  If clients return to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle after the challenge is complete any results they achieved during the process will quickly vanish.

So just remember that health and fitness are a lifestyle, not a miracle pill you can buy in a bottle.  Transform FX Fitness is happy to offer programs that help our clients create new, healthy habits and support them in achieving lasting results.

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