Do the Thing

You are your habits. Those are the words I live by each day ever since my very first weight loss experience back in 2005. It was that same experience that led me to my path of becoming a fitness trainer, and ultimately starting Transform FX Fitness. We have an amazing community of Transformers and TFX coaches now although I know that some of you still remember those days when I lead all the sessions and was very much a one-woman show.

This made me think of all the goals I’ve set for myself in order to TFX to where it is today (and what I envision for it in the future). I am so thankful for our team even though everyday is a work in progress. Just like most things in life.

The process of goal setting for my business is very much like how we teach you to set your fitness goals. Goals are goals – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you set them for. The process is the same. Because if we are to look at this from a very simple point of view, there are 2 types of people in the world – those who achieve their goals and those who don’t.

So, if the process is the same, what is difference between these 2 types of people?

There really is only one. Those who achieve their goals let go of their EXCUSES and those who don’t achieve their goals believe the well-planned lies (or excuses) that they tell themselves to the point that they don’t DO anything to achieve their goals. Each type of person performs an action. Only the ones that don’t achieve their goal DO NOTHING.

I used to think that lean people were lean because they were blessed with a great metabolism or great genes or both. I’ve obviously found that to be one of the biggest lies I’ve ever let myself believe. Let’s just take my family as an example. If you were to meet my family, most of them are overweight. About half of them are either pre-diabetic or diabetic and some of my cousins who have diabetes are younger than me. So, I could have easily given myself an excuse not to DO anything about my weight problem in college and blamed it on my bad genes.

I used to think that when someone has six-pack abs or a millionaire that they were just LUCKY; that maybe everything worked out well for them, they had natural talent, and that their parents must have been rich or lean. Everyday, we watch elite athletes do some amazing, sometimes superhuman, things on T.V. and think that they must have raw talent. Some people might think that the reason I lost all my pregnancy weight is because I just had a high metabolism. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The more I study successful people in fitness or in business, I realized that most of them have something in common. They all worked hard at DOING THE THING that they needed to do to be successful. Some of those things are not always glamorous. Most of those things are probably embarrassing. In fact, most successful people I personally know or read about had to humble themselves and let go of their ego to DO THE THING that no one else have the courage or patience to do. It could be calling everyone who will listen to give them an opportunity even though they got rejected hundreds of times. It could be getting a job they are overqualified for just so they can put food on the table. It could be living on Top Ramen so they can save enough money to start a business they are passionate about. Maybe it’s not always that dramatic but all of them said no to immediate gratification and swallowed their pride (which is not doing them any good) so they can have a bigger reward later on.


They looked deep down inside of them and found out what is keeping them stuck, changed it, and went for their goal again. They also invested in themselves to increase their skill level. They are usually life-long learners and never stop growing. They never rely on LUCK.

A very wise coach once told me that the moment you think you are done working on your goals, you are about to experience the biggest failure of your life. She saved me a lot of money and heart ache that’s for sure.

I don’t know why I was compelled to write this post about goal achievement. Somehow, I felt I just needed to. So, I want to leave you with some powerful insights about goal setting that has helped me throughout the years. Before you read on, I want you to know I don’t claim to be perfect. There are many times when I fall flat on my face. There are many times still when give in to temptation. But, the thing that helps me the most is that I don’t stop trying.

Now, let’s look at what DOING THE THING that will get you to your goals really looks like.

Step 1

Recognize a SPECIFIC problem. If you don’t know what the problem is, you won’t know how to solve it.

Let’s take your weight loss goal as an example if you have one. Maybe your long-term goal was to lose 30 lbs because you realized that you get winded just tying your shoe laces or that it’s getting increasingly difficult to bend-over to tie your shoe laces because your gut is in the way. You may lost 10 lbs really fast because you were very motivated at the very beginning but as time passed by, you forget why you wanted to lose 30 lbs. Your weight starts fluctuating up and down and you think you’re still doing the same things that helped you lose the first 10 lbs when in reality, you started sneaking a cookie every night after dinner or having a can of soda with your lunch.

There are 2 problems in this scenario: 1) You forgot why you started your journey. 2) You started changing your daily habits.

Combine these two and they wreak havoc not only to your waist line but also to your self-confidence.

Step 2

Be really HONEST with yourself what YOU haven’t done to solve the problem. “What YOU haven’t done” is in bold letters because sometimes, we tend to blame outside forces why we haven’t reached our goal. We blame being too busy or having kids or your spouse or your Mom who constantly brings dessert (which you didn’t have to eat).

Once you are honest with yourself that only YOU have the power to control your will. No one else does. Take full responsibility of your results or the lack thereof and DO THE THING that will change it!

Step 3

Set up a plan to achieve that goal. In our example, you may need to get together with your coach again to trouble shoot your nutrition plan and really look at it from an unbiased perspective. For some of us, we have to humble our hearts and become TEACHABLE to realize that we were doing didn’t work so we have to find a better way. That is the power of a coach. They tell you things you don’t want to hear and tell you to do things you don’t really want to do which is why your coach also has to hold you accountable for your choices. But, if you followed step 2, then your coach will not have to watch over your shoulder to make sure you’re following the plan because you know that YOU are the only one going to be hurt in the process if you did.

Step 4

Be meticulously CONSISTENT in following the plan. Don’t waste your time setting up a plan if you aren’t going to follow it. You might as well stay the same if you aren’t going to be consistent. This works for 2 reasons:

1) The plan becomes such a permanent part of you that you can’t think of any other way of doing things. Remember when you used to not like working out? Now, we can’t keep you away from bootcamp 😉

2) You get rewarded with massive results that you just want to keep going. You feel your clothes fitting loser. Your face now has a shape. Your waist shows up. Your spouse gives you compliments. You don’t get winded tying your shoe laces anymore. You reap what you sow. If you reap following the plan, the results will follow. Then, it becomes a game. You will want to DO THE THING that helped you lose 10 lbs again so you can lose another 10 and another 10. But, if you keep wavering, you’ll never see the reward and you’ll go into an endless cycle of starting over.

step 5

Realize that success is never a straight line. Some days or weeks are going to be better than others. Some weeks you may gain a pound. Some days you may lose 5 lbs.

In my years of working with fitness clients, I’ve never seen a person lose weight each and every week. During those times when your results are not as stellar, you have to PERSIST and keep going. I know that’s the hardest part but nobody ever said it’s going to be easy. Anything worth achieving never is!

Step 6 Repeat, repeat, repeat

I started this post with – YOU are your habits. It really all boils down to that. I’ve heard this called, “The Daily Method of Operation, ” or DMO. This is true because we get good at what we focus on. If you practice good eating habits day in and day out, then you will reap the rewards of a healthier, leaner you. But, each meal and each day counts! You can’t expect to follow the plan 70% of the time and still expect the results to come quickly. The results will come but following it 70% of the time will get you there slower.

Step 7 Pay Attention to Your Programming

Most of the time, FOLLOWING ANY plan CONSISTENTLY becomes difficult. This is because life happens. We can’t stop life from happening obviously but we can control how we react to and how we deal with the things that happen in our life.

You’ve probably heard us mention many times that your mindset is everything. I had a slight idea what that meant when I first started my weight loss journey. But, today, having a deeper understanding of it meant I got better results faster. Your MINDSET is important because EVERYTHING you do or do not do stems from HOW YOU THINK. For instance, if you were presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money but you have to talk to a lot of people about it which means you have to gain the skills to talk to a lot of people, would you do it? The answer lies in whether or not you THINK you can do it and whether or not you were programmed to think that you can take on big challenges/risks. But, it all starts in HOW YOU THINK.

So, how can YOU control HOW YOU THINK?

Think of how you learned anything as a child. Let’s take how to use a fork for example. Your Mom or your Dad who already knew how to use a fork taught you how to use it right? Yes.

As we grow up, the learning doesn’t stop whether we like it or not. We learn from friends, family, the media, and pretty much everything we are exposed to on a daily basis. So, we can control what we learn, how we think and how we program our minds by choosing carefully who we hang out with and who we watch (or not watch) on television at night. This is why so many Transformers make exercise a life-long habit because they are surrounded with other people who are successfully integrating exercise into their daily lives and never return to their old habits ever. Their perspective of themselves have changed and their old habits are no longer their default choice.

I know this was a very long post but something told me I had to write it. Maybe some of you needed to hear the message 🙂

As for me, I am continually working on different areas of my life. Here are just a few:

If you are working at getting good at one or all of the areas above, please let us know in the comments section below or send me an e-mail at anna[at] and we will figure out a way to help you improve them. We are always looking for ways to help you not just in fitness but in all areas of your life – if you let us.



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